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Candle Refills

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I’m so humbled by all of you who have come back to reorder multiple Willow and Sea candles. 
There is one thing that has been playing on my mind though…
What’s happening with those jars you no longer need?
I don’t want to be contributing to the frightening amount of disposable items our world is already struggling with, so I have created refills.
As a bit of a test, these loves will only be available in your favourites!
•Sunrise Grove
•Ocean Valley 
•Moonlight Gully 

These refills are made from high quality eco soy wax, with your much loved wooden wick. 

How they work: 

1. Select your  much needed refill
2. Heat up your pre loved Willow and Sea candle jar with a hair dryer. 
3. Carefully remove warmed up wax from inside the warm jar using paper towel. (Don’t burn yourself! And don’t pour wax down the drain as it may block your pipes)
4. Ideally using a wooden skewer put pressure on the side of the old wick clamp until it pops free, remove and throw away. 
5. While jar is still warm, pop your refill inside. 
6. Light her up and fill your homes with your favourite smells all over again!