Crystal Infused Grounded

Crystal Infused Grounded

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Grounded with Grounded  
Seems pretty self explanatory doesn’t it? 
But seriously, if the smells of the rain drenched forest wasn’t enough to keep you grounded then I’ve got something special for you.
I have infused Quartz for purifying, Zebra Aragonite for grounding and Black Tourmaline for protection.

Grounded will literally make you feel as though your home is a cabin in the rain drenched woods with all the windows open.

This scent is the rawest out of the collection, leaving you feeling in touch with the soil and minerals beneath your feet.

All candles come with a wooden lid to ensure candle scent longevity. 

Choose between a classic cotton wick or a wooden wick.

Willow and Sea candles are created with a high quality soy and coconut wax blend to ensure environmental mindfulness and a quality burn. 

Top notes: Green Accord, Dew, Ozone, Petitgrain
Heart notes: Orris Root, Ginger Root, Fresh Herbal Nuances
Base notes: Petrichor, Moss, Forest Pines, Truffle, Musk

Notes breakdown:
The term 'note' refers to the breakdown on scents when you burn your candle. Each fragrance finds itself in one of three categories based on the way you take it in.
Top notes are the first scents you take in, they are often light and fresh.
Heart notes are the more complex of the three notes. They create balance between the top and bottom notes. 
Base notes are heavier of the notes, these are the smells that stick around long after your candle has been blown out.

Candle care:
Ensure to trim your wooden wick 1/4 inch before the first use and in-between uses. 
Place candle on a stable and heat resistant surface while burning. 
Burn time 2-3 hours per session to ensure candle longevity.