Vaxxed Girl Summer
Vaxxed Girl Summer

Vaxxed Girl Summer

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🌸Vaxxed Girl Summer🌸

Smells like cocktails, sweet treats, warm sunrises, tropical sunsets, spontaneous ice creams stops and road tripping. 

Remember girls nights out? Romantic dessert dates with your honey? Champagne breakfasts with your besties? 

All the sweet things we have been missing over the past two years

🌸Vaxxed up Summer🌸

For all my loves that don’t identify as a ‘Vaxxed Girl’ I have created a ‘Vaxxed up’ option! 

Top notes: Orange, Kakadu plum
Mid notes: Mimosa
Base notes: Sandalwood, Musk, Vanilla

Willow and Sea candles are created with a high quality soy and coconut wax blend to ensure environmental mindfulness and a quality burn.  

Candle care:
Ensure to trim both your wooden wick 1/4 inch before the first use and in-between uses. 
Place candle on a stable and heat resistant surface while burning. 
Burn time 2-3 hours per session to ensure candle longevity.