Crystal Infused Ocean Valley

Crystal Infused Ocean Valley

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I have combined both Clear Quarts and Geodes to encapsulate balance, purification and the smell of the waters edge on a candle.


Ocean Valley will take you to a sunny coastline.
Your home will be filled with the familiar and comforting smells of a warm summers vaccay.
The subtle smells of sand, your skin covered in hydrating coconut oil (spf 50+ obviously!) and the driftwood just outside your window.

All candles come with a wooden liid to ensure candle scent longevity. Choose between a classic cotton wick or a wooden wick.

Willow and Sea candles are created with a high quality soy and coconut wax blend to ensure environmental mindfulness and a quality burn. 

Top notes: Bergamot, Beach grass, Pineapple
Heart notes: Orange flower, Coconut
Base notes: Sand, Driftwood, Vanilla

Notes breakdown:
The term 'note' refers to the breakdown on scents when you burn your candle. Each fragrance finds itself in one of three categories based on the way you take it in.
Top notes are the first scents you take in, they are often light and fresh.
Heart notes are the more complex of the three notes. They create balance between the top and bottom notes. 
Base notes are heavier of the notes, these are the smells that stick around long after your candle has been blown out.

Candle care:
Ensure to trim your wooden wick 1/4 inch before the first use and in-between uses. 
Place candle on a stable and heat resistant surface while burning. 
Burn time 2-3 hours per session to ensure candle longevity.