Otway Ridge

Otway Ridge

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Otway Ridge will take you to the familiar sounds of running fresh water making its way past your home, towards the beach.

You are are tucked in right on the edge of where the Otway’s meet the ocean. 
The subtle smell of tall grass, fresh flowers, distant sea salt and sand fill your home while all your windows are open.

Did I mention the hint of fresh linen, this is the candle you will want burning in the background while you potter around on a slow weekend, making sure you take a moment of pause. 

All candles come with a wooden lid to ensure candle scent longevity. Choose between a classic cotton wick or a wooden wick.

Willow and Sea candles are created with a high quality soy and coconut wax blend to ensure environmental mindfulness and a quality burn. 

Candle care:
Ensure to trim your wooden wick 1/4 inch before the first use and in-between uses. 
Place candle on a stable and heat resistant surface while burning. 
Burn time 2-3 hours per session to ensure candle longevity.